Product Overview

K-Bond POLYESTER Buff Flowing is a premium quality polyester adhesive that has been designed with the stone fabricator and installer in mind. It has been engineered to have the best possible ratio of working time to curing speed possible. Uses include bonding, laminating, installation of pieces and repairs.

  • Pre-colored liquid consistency polyester adhesive
  • Glossy buff finish used mainly for polished stone
  • Fast curing

  • Used for laminating stone, filling chips and reinforcement with metal and fiberglass rods

  • Good adhesion to natural stone up to 70 degrees C or 160 degrees F

  • Resistant to water and oil

Consistency: Syrup
Attributes: Buff color formulation for filling travertine and other buff colored stone.
Working Time: 5 to 7 minutes
Tack Free: 10 to 30 minutes
Machinable: 30 to 60 minutes
Usage Location: Interior
Recommended Application: Natural and engineered stone.
Recommended Use: Laminating stone, filling chips and reinforcement with metal and fiberglass rods.
Processing Conditions
  • Make sure stone surfaces are clean of any substance and dry.

  • Measure out the appropriate amount of polyester resin, then measure out the appropriate amount of hardener.
  • Next carefully mix the components together. Be careful to scrape the sides and bottom of mixing cup to ensure thorough mixing.
  • Do not “stir” product. This can trap air and cause bubbles.
  • Overworking of product can cause the product to become thinner.

  • Do not use once gelling has begun.

Safety Precautions
  • Ensure good ventilation
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses

For further information, please consult the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Size Sales Unit
Quart 6
Gallon 2
Imperial Gallon 4
Five Gallon Bucket 1
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