Product Overview

Revolution ADVANCED Stone Sealer is a high performance, natural look impregnator sealer for all natural stone. It is formulated with the latest water-borne fluoropolymer technology to protect against all oil & water-based stains.

  • Latest water-borne fluoropolymer technology
  • High performing, natural look sealer that protects against all stains
  • Allows proper air transmission through the stone

  • Low odor and easy to use

  • Environmentally safe

  • Interior and exterior use

Consistency: Syrup
Cure Time: 24 to 72 hours
Usage Location: Interior or Exterior
Recommended Application: Natural stone and additional substrates.
Recommended Use: Granite, travertine, marble, sandstone, limestone, saltillo, slat, clay products, terrazzo and grout.
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Size Sales Unit
Quart 12
Gallon 4
Five Gallon Bucket 1
Fifty-Five Gallon Drum 1
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